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Originally Posted by FaastLegacy View Post

Wait, you mean a purpose built sports car is faster than a hot rodded econobox around a racetrack?

Mind blowing.

And yeah, getting beat by a Charger, V8 or not, around a racetrack? (Snicker) I guess I could use the same logic to discount the BRZs superiority over the ST, since the BRZ is faster than the ST in a straight line too, but I won't. At any rate, if you're choosing one of these cars based on lap time, you're missing the point.
I just find it highly amusing because those that rant about the BRZ not having enough power are likely not complaining about the ST's power output. It just highlights that for most car enthusiasts planting your foot on the go pedal is what makes a car fun.

I don't buy cars on track times. My MINI S is unlikely to come close to any of these cars on a track but it is still a blast to drive and it makes me smile. Yup, a portly V8 charger will ape rape my MINI around any given track except for the tightest of auto-x courses, but I'd chose my MINI every single day.

I also find these lap times amusing because the ST is OT's latest hotness. OT keeps telling me that the BRZ is just an underpowered, not-that-light, smaller, RWD Impreza.
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