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Originally Posted by LucasCairns View Post
Hello everybody!

Not sure if this is the right section for this but as you can see I'm a noob and not completely used to this forum yet.

So to get to my question, next year I'm going to be turning 16 and buying my first car! I'm going to have about $12,000 to spend and really just want a reliable car that I can take to the mountains and be safe in.

These requirements have led me to find the impreza 2.5i as I can find them on Craigslist for about $9,000 with around 80,000 miles or less in the years 06-07. Now to me this seems like the smartest choice because of a couple things
-wont be tempted to speed as much
-newer/less miles=more reliable
-insurance will be cheaper
So as of now the 2.5i is what I'm leaning towards

but my mom was talking to my schools Dean and he was telling her that he's going to be selling his Subaru wrx 03 with 110,000 miles on it for around $10,000. I'm tempted to just buy his car because he has all the maintenance records and has babied the hell out of it, it's in pretty much perfect condition. Also a couple bonuses of getting this car would be
-more fun to drive then a 2.5i
-knowing the guy selling it, and knowing its in good condition
-bitches love fast cars
-easily moddable
So Nasioc if you were in this situation what would you do? Still leaning towards the 2.5i but thanks for any input!
Thanks again!
And sorry for any misspellings I'm on my phone.
I was happy/excited for you. Then I read your 3rd bullet point. While I don't wish a wreck on you, I do wish a strong dose if maturity to you. Oh, and FYI? Most of us 'b*t h's' know that dudes taking pride in their 'fast' cars are compensating for other shortcomings.

I think you'd get some good, solid help if you shared your question in the 'OT' section of this site.

Hope your Mommy points you in the right direction. She must be so proud!
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