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Originally Posted by dave07 View Post
I think you guys are putting the M3 on a pretty high pedestal. If a new Mustang GT can run with an M3 around a track I'm sure a modded STi is well capable beating an M3.
Not sure what that means, that Mustang is a beast of a car from a performance/$$$ standpoint. And I don't think anyone is giving off the "M3 is god" vibe. Or at least I didn't intend to.

Originally Posted by dave07 View Post

M3's put down 350-360 WHP & weight about 3700 lbs.

Stage 2 Sti's on e85 put down around around 330-340+ & weight about 3400 lbs.

Add some simple suspension mods and you'll be whopping up on some M3's fairly easy.
Similar power to weight, and some suspension would get you THERE. Not "whopping". I don't think anyone ever said it takes $texas to match a stock M3. But some people are quoting 1/4 mile times, and thinking that's all that matters. The 8 seconds at VIR isn't simply down to power. It's also about gearing, aero, balance, etc.

Even on the power takes a lot to keep up with an M3 from say, 80 to 140. Much more than an equal power/weight ratio.

Anyway, I think we all agree you can get there without much trouble (to what specific extent you need to mod aside)...

Then again, at that point, he's still driving a stock M3, and you're in a heavily boosted, Subaru on coilovers. As a Suby lover, I still know what car I'd rather be in.

Unrelated note: What would it take to get a 135i/335i there?

JB4+ DPs ($1000)
Springs and Konis ($1000)
LSD ($1500)

Might even be fast enough to outrun the ugly!
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