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Default 2002 ECU in 2004 WRX Carberry Precursor 0.00 volts. Please help!

Random, random question...

I'm trying to set my car up for carberry ultimately. I don't have the tgv deletes at the moment and I'm putting in a built motor in the next week or 2. Thus I don't want to completely load carberry because it will not work until I use the TGV deletes. May be irrelevant but a necessary bit of info.

I'm trying to get this ecu in and just replace the tables with the ones from my current tune (maf tune). I can work it out from there (assuming it works). I've used jumper wires on the flash block and the test connectors are connected and working. I've checked it twice with my old ecu and I can write maps and crank the car. No problems.

With this 02 ecu though... I can read the LV and also read the entire map with ECUflash. I just can't write to it! I get the following output:

[17:27:05.640] J2534 API Version: 04.04
[17:27:05.640] J2534 DLL Version: 0.50.2598 Jun 26 2009 15:02:29
[17:27:05.640] Device Firmware Version: 1.10.3020
[17:27:08.421] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[17:27:09.656] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[17:27:10.890] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[17:27:12.125] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[17:27:13.359] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[17:27:13.781] kernel get version
[17:27:13.796] found oecu kernel!
[17:27:13.796] kernel already resident - skipping kernel load
[17:27:14.000] kernel get version
[17:27:14.015] kernel version is : OpenECU Subaru HC16 Kernel V1.06
[17:27:14.015] reading kernel comm buffer size
[17:27:14.031] comm buffer size set to 512
[17:27:14.031] reading kernel flash buffer size
[17:27:14.031] flash buffer size set to 4096
[17:27:14.031] -- flashing image to ECU memory --
[17:27:14.437] -- comparing ECU flash memory pages to image file --
[17:27:14.437] seg start len ecu CRC32 img CRC32 same?
[17:27:14.765] FB01 00000000 00004000 19358932 9E7D9C31 NO
[17:27:15.078] FB02 00004000 00004000 7FEB9078 8F606882 NO
[17:27:15.406] FB03 00008000 00004000 C949D99B 0216DE1B NO
[17:27:15.718] FB04 0000C000 00004000 A7B2322D D3FE83A7 NO
[17:27:16.046] FB05 00010000 00004000 F6AE956A 3ED4232E NO
[17:27:16.359] FB06 00014000 00004000 92ED48B7 9B898AB6 NO
[17:27:16.687] FB07 00018000 00004000 56326D4C 939D0A27 NO
[17:27:17.000] FB08 0001C000 00004000 1675D4F1 C58ED7E8 NO
[17:27:17.328] FB09 00028000 00004000 FAD7363A A033E210 NO
[17:27:17.640] FB10 0002C000 00004000 20EA7AF5 34E6EF09 NO
[17:27:17.953] reading ecu programming voltage
[17:27:17.968] programming voltage is 0.00 volts
[17:27:17.968] programming voltage is out of range!
[17:27:17.968] interface close
[17:27:17.984] interface close

Any advice is so greatly appreciated.. Is it a bad ecu? If so, why would it let me read and not write? I've also bought some wiring to do the 12v fix from another source (good or bad? which wire would I jump it to since the flash blocks are different from the 02 to the 04)? Just trying to see if anyone has ever seen this before. Please help!
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