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Originally Posted by Ernest View Post
Target stuff in the fields, so let's say max 30 yards for pistols. I sweat for sure. no problem taking guns apart to clean, enjoy it. Never done roll pins. Let's say $600 neighborhood. No MIL/ LEO, no reload. Thanks.
Ones I've tried, highest recommended to lowest:
Glock 35:
Lightweight, long sight radius (more accurate, basically), double stacked, super easy to COMPLETELY disassemble and clean, but has a partially supported chamber. You may not like the grip angle. Trigger job are very simple to do. Polygonal rifling makes it easier to clean out the carbon too. CHEAP magazines.

Lightweight, standard sight radius, double stacked, easy to do basic cleaning, goddamn pain in the ass to punch out roll pins to clean anything in the lower frame. Feels amazing in the hand, comes with interchangeable backstraps. Trigger sucks even by Glock standards, and to upgrade to the APEX kit requires that you punch out the rear sight, which is a HUGE pain in the ass. Will cost over $200 to get the trigger feeling like a $20 Glock trigger. In stock form you CANNOT feel the trigger reset. Near fully supported chamber. Stupidly designed magazine release, and slide serrations gets gunked up real easy. $50 mags...may be had for $20 if bought on sale.

Rock Island Armory/Armscor 1911:
Heavy, only holds 7 rounds (8-10 if you get Cobra/McCormick/Wilson mags), feels amazing in the hand, perfect recoil motion, gets surface rust easily in the summer, requires lots of maintenance (multiple types of lube for different parts), if the extractor ever breaks you'll need to get another one "tuned" by a gunsmith. But it's a 1911, which is ****ing awesome.

Beretta 96:
Crappy trigger, heavy frame, pain to clean. Hated everything about it.

Disclaimer: I'm no operator. Nor do I play one in movies/videogames. I'm just a regular dude who shot a lot of guns in competitions down in in the bible belt.
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