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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by u2_m4r1n3 View Post
I relocated the reservoir to the rear, its pretty straight forward.

Coilovers will be the money maker in weight distribution. You can adjust ride height to shift weight, I highly recommend it if you're serious.

On the M3 I went from a 50/50 stock distribution sitting at 3420 lbs to 2980 and a 49/51 split. Before I added Coilovers I was around a 56/44 split. Those Coilovers did good!

MOST 'good' coilovers---the ones with stainless bodies... are only a couple pounds each...think less than 5...lighter than a strut/spring

the BEST way to save weight on the front of the car is...
'U' brace
lw wheels/tires
lw crank pulley
lw bumper beam

the above will take an EASY #125 off the front of the car...forget struts

and all the other misc things that add up to an easy #20

and i see a lot of people doing a lot of real stupid things to these cars in this thread....quite shocking, really
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