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Originally Posted by Lightwysh View Post
Snow tires... LOL. Ive lived in Colorado almost my whole life and driven every Colorado winter since I turned 16 and have never... NEVER had a set of snow tires. I spent the last 4 years driving my 2wd ranger with the same all seasons that it came with from the factory. Ive had at least 3 2wd pickups while growing up and never needed dedicated snows. Ive also had various sports cars, SUV's, family cars and never needed snows on those either.

Now on my WRX, I picked up some Continental extremecontact all-season to replace the stock summers that come with the vehicle and I can honestly say it would be laughable to put snows on it unless I was headed way up into off beaten mountain territory and had to climb some gnarly 1/4 miles unplowed driveway. Decent all-seasons and common sense are all you really need, IMO.

Basically you just have to give yourself room, know your limits, understand how your vehicle reacts and use plain ass common sense.
This is a common attitude among many older people. Back in the 1960's and 70's everyone used snow tires, but they where not very advanced by today's standards. In the mid-70's companies developed and marketed all-season tires as being a replacement for both summer and winter tires and in many cases they were as good as both because they were a more advanced design. A lot of people who grew up in the 60's and 70's are stuck in this mindset.

In the 1990's some tire companies started to put the same research and development effort into winter tires and they have come up with a range of winter tires that far exceeds what any all-season tire could provide. They shorten stopping distances on snow and ice significantly. They provide better cornering abilities and they are a lot smoother and quieter than the old-style winter tires. Some jurisdiction (Quebec for example) have made winter tires mandatory because there is solid statistical proof that modern winter tires are that much better than all-seasons.
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