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Originally Posted by REX8 View Post
Nor is not recommending some of Subaru's more recent efforts, which have had a lot of engine failures, to say the least.
OMG. It wouldn't even be considered a lot in respect to the size of NASIOC.

Originally Posted by ByeBye4g63t View Post

Person buys STi brand new, engine blows ringlands at 5k miles

Same person has engine failure a few thousand later, with trouble getting the engine warrantied, and has to wait (while driving a rental) for SOA to respond, and then it finally gets fixed.

Same person has a 3rd engine failure, this time SOA says take a hike.

Or a person builds the block with forged internals to avoid ringland issues, and their 704 series block cracks at stage 2 power levels (sometimes even multiple times, click on the '704 series what's the final call' thread). Stuff like this happens all the time, and you're wondering why people complain? Because they have a right to. They spent alot of money on their car, had a considerable amount of downtime because of these issues, and you're annoyed that they want their voice heard?

If you were in a situation like this, I seriously doubt you'd have much of anything good to say about Subaru, if at all.

Bitching about abused engine, then modded engine not standing up. Love it.

Originally Posted by mclrn227 View Post
Okay, this is pretty complicated so strap in:

People have opinions. Not all of them are the same as yours.
Not the OPs question.

Originally Posted by Uncle Scotty View Post
what it really boils down to is this:

ya got HUGE NUMBER of young dumb idiots who post all sorts of REALLY stupid things....and post a lot of **** straight out their asses

and then you have guys like me who correct them...and then they get all butthurt and i laugh my ass off....along with many others who just sit back and enjoy the hilarity

simple really
Lol. It's not the correcting them that gets them butthurt as it is the insults in those posts. Not that I disagree with you about dumb posts.

What would your post count be if you deleted all of the insult posts? I have read FAR more insults from you than corrective/contributory posts.

I await your useless insult.
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