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Originally Posted by bbrock171 View Post
I get that all the time. I apologize for the one-upmanship in advance, but you'll love this one:

Got pulled over coming out of a new development (wife and I were house shopping.) This cops sees us doing so and immediately pulls me over, tells me to get out of the car and searches my pockets and asks me when was the last time I smoked weed. Yes, he said weed. Handcuffs me to the brush guard on his car and goes over to the other side of the car, pulls my wife out (who is OBVIOUSLY pregnant at the time) and asks her the same thing. Then searches my car. I asked him what the hell was going on, as he refused to give me a reason for pulling me over. I told him to call my mom, who is a police investigator for the county (he was a city cop). He gets on the radio with his Lt. Doesn't ever mention why I was pulled over, just told him he pulled me over and searched me for weed, mentioned the thing about my mom being an investigator, and I guess things got lost in translation that I had never done anything wrong and this whole situation was illegal, and his Lt. responded back with "We can't show favoritism because his mom's a cop, bring him in!" He gave the keys to my wife, after running her license, and took me to jail.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I legitimately went to jail for nothing that day. Not charged with anything, not served with any citations, warnings or otherwise. Went to jail for nothing, and spent about 4hrs there before they sorted everything out.

The icing on the cake - I got a phone call the next day. It was the police captain calling to apologize - and get this - to notify me that "all charges have been dropped."

I was in Iraq a month later, and never got around to following up with any legal action, but to this day just telling that story makes my blood pressure rise.

Wow man, what a horrible experience. Seems like the captain called in hopes that you wouldn't sue the **** out of the cop. How long ago was it? Doesn't hurt to try.
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