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Originally Posted by RM_2 View Post
When the "blizzard" hit Indianapolis last week, there was barely a plow to be seen for the better part of the day. It wasn't until the snow stopped and the damage was done that the plows came out in force.
Which raises the question, why go out in a blizzard if you don't have to? I'd venture to guess 80% of the people on the road during inclement weather really don't need to be out there in the first place.

People are just dumb. If you know inclement weather is approaching, adjust your travel plans accordingly. It's 2012 which means we have the technology to forecast weather in advance quite effectively. If a blizzard is coming, you usually have 2 to 4 days notice. Get your shopping done, see if you can work from home, suspend travel plans for that day, etc. I swear some people just have something to prove driving in crappy weather. The smart ones plan in advance and avoid driving in it entirely.

If I know a snow storm is coming and I MUST be a work, I stay at work late and let all the jerkys clog up the roads and play bumper cars in the afternoon. I let the snow crews do their job and I'm the only one on the road in the evening. I'm more than comfortable with my capabilities driving in the snow. It's the other people I worry about. If a storm hits in the morning, I've planned ahead and will be working from home in the morning, possibly all day.
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