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Originally Posted by manticus View Post
This is where Mitsu failed - they created a blazing-fast follow-up to the IX with all sorts of new tech, fancy Recaros, etc. and then put it into sedan form only with a price higher than the STI.
I don't see how that is "failing" to you, when all of the previous Evos were sedan only (aside from the IX, but the wagon wasn't offered in the US anyway) and were fairly successful. Yes, the 2008+ STI was offered in a wagon format which obviously broadened its appeal to those who truly needed the extra cargo space, but at the same time, there are people who simply do not want hatchbacks either and possibly went with an Evo instead, though obviously Subaru addressed that with the re-introduction of an STI sedan.

Originally Posted by manticus View Post
Subaru went with the low-cost solution - old tech, old engine, utilitarian hatchback, and a few nicer amenities in the interior.
You mean the "low-cost solution" that still results in both cars starting at around the same price with pretty similar amenities? The interiors in the current models aren't even really all that different in terms of quality (unlike the pre-2008 models, but even in those, the Evo interior had far better seats and a better steering wheel).

Originally Posted by manticus View Post
Recession hits and Mitsu can't figure out why they're going out of business. They responded as quick as they could with a Fastback version of their Lancer, but it was too little/too late.
The recession has less to do with their lackluster sales as much as it has to do with half of their lineup being far from competitive (i.e. Galant and Outlander). Introducing a fastback version of the Lancer alongside the sedan when it launched wouldn't have changed much, and it certainly wasn't the cause of their problems.

Originally Posted by manticus View Post
No doubt that the Evo is the better performing car - but the number of people racing these cars on the weekend does not make for a big enough market at this price range.
True, but you don't have to be a track demon to utilize the car's capabilities. Some people do enjoy carving through the canyons, which can still help you appreciate what the car has beneath the surface. And that has made a strong enough argument for people to go one way instead of the other. Same thing with the issue of cargo space.

Originally Posted by manticus View Post
Reminds me of my experience walking around the auto show last year - Mitsu salesguy calls me over to check out the Evo X.
I say: "Yeah, they're awesome cars but I already bought a new car last year".
He asks: "What did you buy?"
I say: " I got an STI"
He rolls his eyes and says: "Why did you waste your money on that, the Evo X is faster!"
I say: "Yeah, but it won't hold me and my wife and our luggage. Real life, man..."
And that's the car that fit your wants and needs. I didn't say that the Evo was the perfect car for anyone and everyone contemplating purchasing either an Evo or an STI. But at the same time, not everyone has the same wants and needs as you do for cargo space. Perhaps you do a lot of long-distance traveling with a wife and kids. Not everyone has those obligations (or at least maybe not with little ones and all of their stuff), or perhaps they do but the wifey has a car better suited for those duties.
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