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Originally Posted by Louie View Post
I read a review about the rs-r that made them look bad. In sure it's been read 100x from the s2k forums where a guy reviews ssz1, rs3, RS-r, and another.. The name escapes me, his review marked the ssz1 and RS-3 as top 2 with RS-r in dead last, but still a good review on the tire. The thing he brings up is that the RS-r is fantastic unless it over heats then they are a mess for a long time (says the day is over).

That is the only bad thing I've read about them. I don't think I'm at a driving skill level that will push the tires to that level.

I'm leaning towards the RS-r but am still looking at the RS-3.

ive been using the rs-r's for a long time and have NEVER overheated them

i think some idiots way over drove them and killed them that way and bitched about it....which surprises me not at all

anyway.....are you a race car driver or just a kiddie on the street tryin to be all k00 an ****???

i think ya got yer head in the up mode like way too many do
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