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Originally Posted by nightdown fox View Post

*ahem* Rex, the phrase "pull the wool over their eyes" is synonymous which deception. Yes, the reviewer can walk up to a car and clearly see the tires. But if an automaker sends a publication a car for review with equipment that's not representative of the consumer product, one can deduce deception. Hence "trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the reviewers and the public". Has nothing to do with how well the reviewer can see the brand/model on the tire, really.

*ahem* I'm well aware of the phrase. The bolded part is not what you said, so don't put it in quotes. You said "pull the wool over their eyes". In the context of your post, that appeared to mean the testers' eyes. Nothing was pulled over their eyes, they are the one's who have the clear view of the tires. If by "their" you meant the public, fine.

But again, in context, you were writing about how Edmonds was mad at Lincoln for 'having the wool pulled over their eyes".

My point was, IMHO, I just don't see how something in plain view, not lied about, is "deceptive" to the reviewer.

To the public if not noted? Sure. Of course I agree.
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