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Originally Posted by Uncle Scotty View Post

some of us have had our cars blowed up and even totaled after some shop anus drip got a hold of the keys

YOU would be a bit upset if you came back to get your car and the trans was blowed up or the clutch fried and they denied any wrong wouldnt ya?????

happens every day....EVERY DAY
Years ago I brought my '69 Charger into a local (recommended) shop to help solve an electrical issue I had. A few days later my sister told me her friend (who owns a body shop in the same industrial complex) saw "me" ripping up and down the street. He was shocked to see me driving so recklessly. .....the day this event occurred was the day my car was at the shop.

On the rare occasions I bring my vehicles in for work, I make sure the mileage is marked on the ppwk and if a test drive isn't necessarily appropriate or needed for the work being performed, I make sure I ask about it and request that they don't. Obviously, I can see the chances of this occurring with some cars more than others. For example, Im not as concerned about this problem occuring with our Scion or my wife's Forester although anything is possible.

....oh, and I never valet any of our cars if I can help it.
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