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Originally Posted by WRXLTD View Post
Complaining is good, brings common issues to light...with the hope that the people from Subaru read these threads and do something about it.

Keep in mind that the WRX/STI is known as a "tuner" car, and should have been engineered to support an certain increase in stock HP/torque (like other performance vehicles i.e. Mustang, Evo, etc.), and should definitely NOT be breaking ring lands with a safe OTS Stage 1 tune.

The "tuning" aspect is a major reason why I bought my STI...if my car couldn't be tuned safely, I wouldn't have bought it, and I would have kept my Evo.

i got news for ya is WAY easier and a metric boatload cheaper to get an evo...ANY evo to run 11's(and 10's, too ) than any subaru sold here....and on the stock turbo, too

now i dont know what you been smokin....but it must be bath salts....but ya woulda been far better off with the evo
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