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There are many different tips and tricks to help driving in the snow...tire grip, AWD, experience, throttle, LFB, traction control, and so many more. Had some great all seasons that were nearing the end of their life and got stuck many times. So AWD doesn't matter if your tires don't have grip.

A great set of All seasons are useful if you can't afford a second set of winters but even cheap winter tires will perform better in winter than some of the best all seasons. Studded winter tires are better on ice but not as good on snow/slush as non-studded winters so it depends where you live and what conditions you have. A cheap set of winter wheels and tires will cost less than your collision deductible.

Drive slower, engine brake is better than ABS no matter what anyone says. Once you hit the brakes and the ABS kicks in, you've already lost traction. Learn to heal and toe to downshift if you have to slow down quickly. Give yourself room from the car in front and keep an eye on the car behind you as they can slam into you easily.

I have experience not only driving in the snow but in competition drifting. One thing you learn is that when your back end starts to drift, the Gas is your friend. Stepping on the gas can pull you out of a slide quickly and away from the direction you are sliding too. But this requires traction. Not going to work with crappy tires or if the traction control is on. If you hit the gas and lose throttle then it doesn't matter. The brakes can make it worse and if you don't believe me then try it. Next time the back end slides out hit the brakes and you will more than likely continue sliding.

I've learned not to be an a-hole while driving. I know I've thought I was invincible in my AWD subie and then slid into a curb. It's cheaper to drive safer than replace rims or pay deductible after an accident and feel like an ass. If you wan to fool around just do it safely.

I have an '04 wagon with winter tires that I'm using while my '13 hatch that ive ha for teo weeks and driven a few times sits in the driveway until I get winter tires for it.
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