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Originally Posted by MaddMax View Post
BINGO. Outfit your car for the conditions it's going to be driven in most of the time.
And that's the issue right there. Instead of being prepared for the worst conditions, people prepare for the best conditions and wonder why they go in the ditch when it's nasty weather. Saying that is the reason why kids think they can run summers 24/7 in mild winters, not even realizing summer tires are not designed for even moderately cold temps (45 degrees for my summers). After using snow tires in the winter, I will always run snows if I ever have a chance of driving in it. I prepare for the worst conditions and hope for the best.

Of course, for my job I'm not allowed excuses. When it's time to work, I have to be there. Since its at least a 4.5 hour drive to work over mountain passes I try to be prepared as possible for the drive. That's not including trips to NoDak and MN during the winter months. Of course, I've had tons of experience driving in snow. Quite frankly, I really enjoy it at this point. It's a challenge. It's fun.
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