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Originally Posted by rexblake View Post
I do hate Subaru and I did buy an Evo. Subarus are fine, but if one wants to make any kind of decent power it's a terrible platform. I wish someone would have told me that years ago, I would have saved so much money.

Subaru is a decent all around cheap car, the wrx even leads in most categories against its competition. If one wants a legitimate sports car though, a wrx/STI isn't the way to go. It serves a purpose, but I know there are better cars out there.

I'd say I stick around to expense knowledge and try and help kids avoid the same mistakes I made. I also really enjoy the community, at least I used too anyway. Seems there are way to many idiot fan boys out now. Then again, it's serious fun ****ing with them...
I can see your point and for YOU, the evo might be a better car. That doesn't mean that it's a better car for everyone.

I think one good thing about nasioc is that it is never a fanboi fest. If someone comes on and says that he's a student with limited funds but can scrape together $3k for a car and is looking for a Subaru that as he gets more money, he'll mod don't see a ton of people jumping in and encouraging him to buy a Subaru "because it's the best and way cool and how could he go wrong". I know I jump in myself and recommend that he find a mid 90's stock Civic because it makes more sense for his situation.

There are certainly forums where the fanbois rule and nothing is in focus besides their silly car.

Originally Posted by wrxl98 View Post
You know it's getting pretty bad when a NASIOC chapter "moderator" says:

"While I take every chance to bad mouth Subaru (mostly because you all cry like little bitches)...."

"Conclusion- from someone who is really over subarus and probably will never own one again......."
can you pm me a link to where a moderator said that? I searched didn't find that quote anywhere.
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