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Originally Posted by manticus View Post
This is where Mitsu failed - they created a blazing-fast follow-up to the IX with all sorts of new tech, fancy Recaros, etc. and then put it into sedan form only with a price higher than the STI. Subaru went with the low-cost solution - old tech, old engine, utilitarian hatchback, and a few nicer amenities in the interior. Recession hits and Mitsu can't figure out why they're going out of business. They responded as quick as they could with a Fastback version of their Lancer, but it was too little/too late.

No doubt that the Evo is the better performing car - but the number of people racing these cars on the weekend does not make for a big enough market at this price range.

Reminds me of my experience walking around the auto show last year - Mitsu salesguy calls me over to check out the Evo X.
I say: "Yeah, they're awesome cars but I already bought a new car last year".
He asks: "What did you buy?"
I say: " I got an STI"
He rolls his eyes and says: "Why did you waste your money on that, the Evo X is faster!"
I say: "Yeah, but it won't hold me and my wife and our luggage. Real life, man..."

You know the funny thing about your statement is that I bought my Evo to have a practical car...after first buying a wrx and being unsatisified with the performance. If I did not have kids, I would be in a Porsche or something similar.

That said, I think the new WRX interior is more comfortable in that there is more sound deadening and the plastics feel better. The seats themselves in the Evo are awesome but I had to have the leather package installed after purchase because I knew the cloth would not last long...the cloth on the WRX was better. I do like the steering wheel better on the Evo...the Navi is much better in the Evo. Really, if you add some sound deadening to help with cabin noise and maybe cover the plastics with suede like material, the quality would be pretty much addressed.

Performance? Very good from stock. When you add good coilovers and and rear sway it is pretty much awesome. Big gains with limited engine mods....although the new ones have crap cams (so don't buy 2012 or newer).

Had there been an STI 4 door I could have been tempted to buy that but been very happy with the Evo as I was with the DSMs I had previously and my Eclipse I currently have (300+whp with stock internals). I sometimes wonder if I had bought a 06-07 STi if I would not be equally happy but there are a lot of nice cars out there.
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