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Originally Posted by Marnix View Post
I have all the '01-'04 wiring diagrams in PDF form. Drop me a PM if that's what you're after.
PM sent.

Originally Posted by dragoontwo View Post
Originally Posted by Patrick Olsen View Post
If I ever get my EZ30R heads back from Delta Cam ...
Care to elaborate on this?
Sure. I sent Delta my heads and cams in March 2011 to be ported and get the cams reground. I had previously discussed my project with Ken (when I was living out there in WA), then talked with him again on the phone prior to shipping the parts. It is now January 2013 and I don't have them back. Upon getting the heads, Ken said he wasn't willing to do the weld & grind route on the cams since they're gun-drilled (and thus I guess could be warped out of line by the heat involved in the process?). So, he planned to grind them to a smaller base circle. OK, got it. Then it took about 6 months to find someone to supply longer valves with +1mm heads. Meanwhile, it was taking forever to get the heads ported by whoever it is does their porting for them (since Delta doesn't do that in house). They didn't get any "before" flow data, as I had specifically asked , so God knows what the porting has done. After a year or more they were having trouble sourcing springs; I told Ken that Supertech has them in their catalog , so I ordered the springs and had them sent to Delta. Then apparently they can only install one spring about every 20 days or so , because every time I called I was told that they "just needed to finish putting things together so they could spec the cams" or something along those lines. After about 20 months, Ken decided he wasn't willing to grind the cams to a smaller base circle because there's not enough information about the AVCS lifters to know whether they would work right and he didn't want an issue with that to ruin the heads. I understand his misgivings on that, but I'm not sure why it took so long to come to that conclusion.

Now they're supposed to be putting the ported heads together with the stock cams and the +1mm valves (which will have to be trimmed, since the longer stems are no longer needed with the stock base circle cams). Of course, that's been the status for 6 or 8 weeks now.
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