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I'm a lead farmer,


Of course they do. They always have. Especially now that I'm responsible for selling/transferring guns to people, I'm for tougher restrictions when it comes to background checks and waiting periods. Lately, I've had so many delays because NICS has been backed up, and nobody has been upset about waiting a day or two.

Just another reason I always tell people to print a bill of sale when privately selling a firearm. That way if the person does something with it that's idiotic, when the ATF comes beating on your door, you can prove who you sold it to.

But to the topic at hand, an all out ban on a certain type of gun because it looks a certain way isn't going to do anything meaningful, especially considering how many assault rifles are already out there. And a confiscation, or in Feinstein's words, "mandatory buy back," is even worse, because then all you'll do is take the guns out of the hands of good people who will never use them for something wrong and leave them in the hands of criminals.

Just like in Australia. Crime went up something stupid like 40% after their confiscation, because criminals knew that people who follow the law didn't have a gun to protect themselves anymore.

I've also been reloading a bunch. Got a Chargemaster Pro for Christmas, so I've been programming all my load data in it and cranking out the 40s and 45s. Tomorrow I get to start trimming up 5.7x28mm since the government bought out all the ammunition that Fiocchi was making for FNH.
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