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Default ABS didn't engage on icy road, VDC problem?

I was driving on icy road, going about 20 mph. Slowed down to about 5 mph with brakes applied, and then the car either started skidding or lost brake power. For about 15ft, my impreza just went straight, but didn't decelerate with brake fully applied. It only stopped when I rear ended another car. The ABS never engaged, no pulsating brakes, or ABS light coming on.

Later that day, I tried braking at 5mph in a snowy parking lot and ABS came out every time. I couldn't understand why ABS didn't come on before I crashed into someone.

I saw some posting about Subaru Legacy losing brake power when one side of wheels are on icy surface while the other side is on surface with traction. I'm wondering if that's what happen to me.

Could VDC have caused braking power to be lost? To prevent a spin out, did VDC prevents ABS and brakes from being applied to keep the car going straight? I didn't see VDC light coming on either.

Or did Subaru "enhanced" the ABS to lock up wheels on icy surface and not have the brakes pulsate?
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