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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by Patrick Olsen View Post
It's only a single data point, but a guy I know found the Hankook RS-3s to be significantly faster on his home track than same size NT05s.

You didn't answer my question. You stated that you had NEVER overheated the 595RS-Rs, so I asked what your experience was with them on track. If you've never run them on track, then your statement is somewhat pointless, since only someone driving like an absolute assclown would ever get their tires to overheat on the street.

Oh, I've NEVER overheated my Pirelli PZero Nero All Seasons, my Hankook Icebear W300s, my Continental DWs, or the Falken FK452s I had before the Continentals.


pat sweetie.....the issue is YOU trolling me here....and NOT tires, really

so i posted 100% RELEVANT EVERYTHING so.....go get some geritol in the caddy and have a latte and snuggle up on the couch with the p00dle and keep on keepin on


and yes i have overheated tires on many occasions...even on the street

but never the rs-r's
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