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Originally Posted by Timithy82 View Post
I traded trunks a while back =)

anyway,, I was driving in 5th gear.. started to give it some gas so I can get to the speed limit. My clutch has been slipping lately. So the RPM jumped and when I left off, I guess the clutch caught grip and the tires somehow spun. I remember the front end started slipping to the left. Then I went for a rollercoaster ride.. I think I hit a guard rail. It was pitch dark and drizzling rain out. I'm still confused why the AWD and traction control didn't help that incident at all. The only thing I can think of, is the road was wet from the drizzle. I mean, I've drove the car like crazy through rain before and it drove like a champ. So it has to be because it's drizzling and cold out on the streets.. ah well,,,

Any of you guys have any idea if the insurance company could possible total the car? I really hope it's totaled so I can just forget about the damn thing. I won't know until Friday morning when the adjuster comes and looks at it..

and yes I am okay! felt like I hit a damn speed bump.
that wont be totalled. not even close. the chassis of the car doesn't seem damaged, the bumper beem doesn't even look touched or bent in any direction.

depending on your insurance, the amount of repair for total loss has to be almost 75% of the cost of the car. my STI's repair bill was a tad under 20k...still wasn't totalled.

you can eiher acknowledge that you're keeping the car, and take it to a body shop where YOU KNOW they will use all OEM parts and not half ass replacement crap.

or option two, take it to a trusty body shop to help you make it more "beat up" from the accident
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