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You know you drive a WRX when:

1- You can hear and spot a boxer engine miles away
2- You can tell the difference between a WRX and an STI, because you have thought of the conversion a million times and you know all the differences
3- Spend a LOT of money on fuel, but still think that it's a good investment of money
4- You take your preferred road and cannot explain to accompanying passengers why you took that road instead of the shorter one
5- Your GF asks you to choose between her and your WRX, and you actually find that a difficult question
6- You know that the BOV is bad for your engine and that the stock BPV will give you more horsepower and will make your ride smoother, but you still go with the BOV because it's damn sexy. And a subaru was born to do the vooooooom pshhhh
7- You cannot understand why the police would pull you over because your exhaust is too loud, and wouldn't pull over a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, I mean come on, we are both supercars! (at least in our perspective!)
8- You are afraid of racing other subarus because you know the potential for WRX tuning
9- You spot a sports car and you time your BOV to vent right when you pass next to them
10- You love nature, but still remove the catalysers
11- You love snow!
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