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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by Bov_Rider View Post
I know that. Give me cash. It cost a fortune to get such wheels where I live. I do not live in the US at the right moment. Cheers.

and yer gunna hafta buy spacers and any spacer more than 5mm you will have to get new lug studs and 20 new lug studs aint cheap and ya gotta pull the hubs to put longer studs in and so if ya dont do that work yourself ya gonna have to pay and ya gotta change the bearing seals so ya gotta buy them too and on and on and on and on

and its gonna cost ya more to put the wrong wheels on the car than the right ones, in the end

so...maybe ya really need to rethink what you think you know about all this and stop with the k00-k00 kiddieness before ya really screw the p00ch
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