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Originally Posted by godfather2112 View Post
I think if mitsu pulled together their interior and made it more pleasing their cars would sell better as well. I find it ironic that the lancer and evo have identical interiors. Granted your buying the evo for performance, but it shouldnt share the same interior.
To be fair, they have the same interiors... if you ignore the different steering wheel and Recaro seats, both things that you are touching on a non-stop basis, contrasting to everything else that you might touch once when inside the car.

Originally Posted by godfather2112 View Post
I think mitsu needs to take a look back to the 90's and revive some of their cars. The galant from te 90's-early 2000's look good. I think they should also offer the eclipse in a fwd and awd turbo option (gst,gsx), and give it 250hp. You could also entertain the idea of a 3000gt (with vr4 option). Make the 3000gt compete with a 370z and you could probably move a decent amount of car.
It would be interesting but I don't think that they'd want too many cars within their lineup to compete with one another. Companies like BMW can do that, with some of the same engines being in almost every car, but their clients certainly want a BMW and might just be figuring out which one works better for them for whatever reason (affordability, bodystyle, size, etc.). If Mitsubishi made different cars with similar performance, I think that that particular demographic is more willing to make compromises and rule out certain cars if one does what the other does, which was one of the big appeals of the Evo (and even STI) -- exceptional performance for not a lot of money but still with four doors and AWD driveability. Unless they just really want a coupe AND insisted on a Mitsubishi product (which isn't the case anyway), it would be hard for someone to pick anything else that they have.

They'd really have to make something else in their lineup that is VERY good while being quite different from the Evo. They tried that with the 2000+ Eclipses (putting a V-6 in it and no longer offering AWD), but that didn't really work out so well, even though it was likely less expensive to produce than the previous model's GS-T and GSX variants. But unfortunately, when it comes to performance, their turbocharged fours are the best things that they have going for them, but again, two different Mitsubishis having them would eat away from the other car's sales a bit, unless the coupe were to be just RWD (or primarily offered with it) and look really good too.
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