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Originally Posted by Optimus Prime View Post
I paid less for my Evo than the STi. And I disagree about buying it for the speed (though it is way more mod friendly). The Evo drives nicer. I went with my STi (2005) over the Evo 8 because it drove nicer (less bumpy, better turning radius, etc.). I bought the Evo X because it drove nicer than the STI. It drives like a Honda when in traffic and is much more comfortable on long drives than my STi was. The only thing I can say that is better in the STI is the trunk room. Oh, and gas mileage in my Evo running mid 12s is 26mpg on the highway and around 20mpg around town which was much better than I got in my STI. I also like that now my Evo is wingless (well, it's got a DL trunk), it attracts a lot less attention than the STI seems too, since it is based on the regular sedan.

I think Mitsu markets their good vehicles poorly (maybe with the exception of the Outlander Sport). But the Evo (I guess you could say the same for STI) is less than a fully loaded Accord V6 Coupe. I think they believe specialty vehicles are for those "in the know" vs being a mainstream vehicle in their line up.

I think Mitsus other problem here is that they do well in other countries with their line up and try to apply it here. It seems the Lancer is the official car of Canada, and their small car line up does well in many other countries. Seems like they would need to focus on something that is big and fast to do well here.
Excellent write-up. About that part in bold, that's a really good point. Part of their flawed marketing strategy is the fact that it seems like they almost always send the MR models to publications for their reviews. On one hand, it showcases the TC-SST transmission and the nicer interior (assuming it has the Touring Package, which is usually the case), but on the other hand, people who don't know too much about the entire lineup automatically assume that all modern Evos are $40,000+ cars, even though the base GSR starts at $35,000. Either way, they automatically get dismissed as being overpriced at BMW admission rates, and that turns away a few people who would rather spend that kind of money on a 335i or something, as they may be unaware of the row-it-yourself model saving quite a bit and being closer to what Evos used to cost.
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