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Originally Posted by DeeezNuuuts83 View Post
I wonder why Honda and Mitsubishi didn't at least sit at the table together once word got out about Toyota and Subaru working together. Anyway, it would be intriguing to say the least. I'd have said it would be pointless at this point (since we all assumed that a turbocharged 86 would be on the way), but most reports now indicate that a more performance-oriented variant may remain NA and have somewhere around 240-250 hp, which is good, but a lot of people really do want a turbocharged engine in that kind of package. As good as the FR-S/BRZ twins are, visit the Genesis Coupe forums. There are plenty of people there who went for that car instead simply due to having more firepower, even if it doesn't drive as nicely through the bends.

My only concern is that while a lot of other manufacturers are switching to smaller engines with turbos, a bit reason for that is because they get better gas mileage rather than it being a "better" platform (though that is sometimes the case). I don't know if it's just because Mitsubishi doesn't know how to make a good ratio for its highest gears, but their turbocharged motors just don't seem to get anything better than average mpg. Yes, I realize that they are having the duty of powering a heavier car with AWD, but today's Evos are rated at about the same mpg that the GT-R gets, and that also has AWD... and another couple hundred pounds to lug around but with around 250 hp more. This will need to be addressed, one way or another.
The EVO's MPG is embarrassing. I understand its a performance oriented car, but good god. With today's technology there is no reason it should see nearly 30mpg on highway.

Originally Posted by gggplaya View Post
The 3000gt never sold in enough volume to really make or break the company financially. So why bother making it now, when they desperately need to make money?

However the eclipse did sell very well in it's glory days (90-99). It was a cool, affordable, practical car for a young adult with no kids. Something the BRZ and FRS didn't quite hit the mark with(unless they shed about $4000 in price). If the BRZ/FRS made a slower version with the base subaru 170hp engine, regular suspension, and offered it for less than $20k, it would sell like hotcakes right now.

If mitsubishi could reinvent the eclipse again, but not make it so ugly like the current generation, keep the price at a level that competes with the focus, corolla, civic etc.. The base model having a ride, handling and performance of economy cars like the focus and civic. But offering a performance model with a stiffer suspension and turbo for brand recognition and street cred. Then the eclipse would sell like hotcakes again. They should go back to that winning formula selling roughly 200,000 eclipse/talons per year consistently from 90-99.
I was unaware of how poor the 3000gt sold. I always thought it was a really col car. I think if they offered an NA eclipse around 17k and a fully loaded awd turbo for around 27k I think it would sell well.

The wrx really has a market of its own in my opinion. Its not as expensive as an evo or STI, it delivers good performance for they everyday driver and there doesnt seem to be any other awd car like it in its price range.

I was really excited to see the brz come out. But after driving in one, I was really disappointed. Yes it handles great, is small and sporty, but it just lacks any thrill in my opinion. I still think the 02 wrx gave me more thrill than the brz.

While the STI an EVO are cool cars, im just not impressed with todays options of cars for $35k and under. I want to see something new and exciting.
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