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Originally Posted by gggplaya View Post
However the eclipse did sell very well in it's glory days (90-99). It was a cool, affordable, practical car for a young adult with no kids. Something the BRZ and FRS didn't quite hit the mark with(unless they shed about $4000 in price). If the BRZ/FRS made a slower version with the base subaru 170hp engine, regular suspension, and offered it for less than $20k, it would sell like hotcakes right now.
While a less expensive FR-S/BRZ would definitely make it accessible to a wider range of customers, I don't think it would be a good thing. People are either content with its acceleration or they think it's slow. Going downsteam wouldn't help, and it'll just bring in more kids as clients who are likely going to draw the car away from the image they intended to project with the car and essentially turn it into a RWD Civic to be riced out by all of the high school kids.

Originally Posted by gggplaya View Post
If mitsubishi could reinvent the eclipse again, but not make it so ugly like the current generation, keep the price at a level that competes with the focus, corolla, civic etc.. The base model having a ride, handling and performance of economy cars like the focus and civic. But offering a performance model with a stiffer suspension and turbo for brand recognition and street cred. Then the eclipse would sell like hotcakes again. They should go back to that winning formula selling roughly 200,000 eclipse/talons per year consistently from 90-99.
The problem with that is that the base engine would likely be trash (as Mitsubishi's other engines tend to not be very refined and make harsh noises when they're hustling), and unless the higher-end performance variant is marketed as a completely different model, then potential buyers may be turned off if that model isn't distinguished enough from the base model meant for mass consumption. Just look at cars like the Cobalt SS... it actually wasn't bad, but you saw too much of the regular Cobalt in it.

Originally Posted by godfather2112 View Post
The EVO's MPG is embarrassing. I understand its a performance oriented car, but good god. With today's technology there is no reason it should see nearly 30mpg on highway.
Well, I think that might still be a tall order, even though I agree that it should be better. However, a big part of the problem is that most Evo owners just don't know how to drive in a manner that gets good gas mileage. But going to 30 mpg highway is a big jump, as I think the car is currently rated at 22 mpg highway or something around that. But if the BRZ gets 30 mpg highway and weighs 600 pounds less with 91 fewer ponies, then it might be a bit too much to ask for. Perhaps an EPA certified rating of 26-28 mpg highway in a future model is more reasonable. And keep in mind that the BRZ has Prius tires. Throw on some stickier rubber like Z1s and it MIGHT take an mpg hit.

Originally Posted by godfather2112 View Post
I was unaware of how poor the 3000gt sold. I always thought it was a really col car. I think if they offered an NA eclipse around 17k and a fully loaded awd turbo for around 27k I think it would sell well.
The 3000GT was a cool car, but it was just competing with a lot of other cool cars that made it seem bloated. Remember that we had the RX-7, 300ZX and Supra at the same time. Also AWD wasn't quite as appealing on performance cars then as it is now outside of the 911 Turbo, at least in the US.

Originally Posted by godfather2112 View Post
The wrx really has a market of its own in my opinion. Its not as expensive as an evo or STI, it delivers good performance for they everyday driver and there doesnt seem to be any other awd car like it in its price range.
Yeah, there's really nothing else with the same attributes, but it's almost too good. There's almost no reason to get a Ralliart (unless you just really like Mitsubishi or need the transmission if you have a lady friend who is going to use it but can't drive stick), but I've always viewed the current WRX as having about 95% of the STI's acceleration and 85% of its handling and braking but at 75% of the price while looking almost exactly the same (once they restored the widebody fenders). I can't help but think it's stolen a bit of sales away from the STI.

Originally Posted by Optimus Prime View Post
It's MPGs are poor I believe because they run the car super rich from the factory. Add about 80hp and your gas mileage jump significantly. Plus I think the gas mileage is low because they give you better gearing, tires, etc. instead of a few more MPGs. I'm sure with some really good tuning I could get close to 30MPG on the highway driving like I'm in a Prius.
Yup. I broke 30 mpg once in my Evo (but I wasn't happy during the drive), hit 29 mpg twice and hit almost 28 mpg (27.98 to be exact) last month. It just takes good throttle control, really. And not driving at higher speeds while dealing with the A/C being off.
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