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ABS is great for peeps that don't know how to threshold brake.
ABS is great to allow steering with hard braking.
ABS sucks on ice (all 4 lock, thus no speed differential), gravel & snow (gravel & snow will "wedge" allowing shorter stopping than ABS will allow).

Locked wheels are NOT the best on dry pavement, "almost locked" (high tread slip but still rolling...... a bit) is THE SHORTEST WAY TO STOP!!

VDC will not likely kick in if going straight. Most systems are also tied into the steering angle. Going straight has no steering angle, thus no VDC.

Guys, and gals, all these systems do well when you remember ONE THING, they will do no better than the grip of the tire to the road.
Crappy tires, bad surface, going too frikkin fast will OVERWHELM ANY ABS/VDC system out there.

Do a driving school so you have a little clue.

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