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Originally Posted by sonicblue View Post
I used a bad phrase, I think. I didn't mean I was looking for a shortcut, I guess 'excuse' was better? As Retsyn's tone implies, it sounds like I'm making excuses. Rest assured, I'm also in damn good shape. I'm not the guy who spends 15 minutes on a treadmill at jogging pace, and then bitches he's not losing weight, or use my whole body just to say I got the 50's ups. I try to take pride in, good technique and form, "true" weight, and I'm full-on flop sweat every time I hit the gym. I do some P90x weight workouts (usually at high/cardio pace, still) as well as metcon-focused stuff and some run/jog intervals on the treadmill. Admittedly, I don't push pure strength hard, so I'm not looking to have a 300 MR bench, I keep reps 8-10 range, a hard 8-10, so in those exercises, I would still think I would be seeing some gains, or leaning out a little more (I know...that's a lot diet...).

My wife keeps telling me how great I look, how much I've changed my when I talk to her, I feel like I'm expecting too much. But when I look back at the last 15 months of my life, and how hard I've worked, I just want there to be even more changes. I'm not hanging onto hope like, please, tell me my hormones are off to explain my poor progress, just more a case of, I want to know something isn't offsetting my hard work and making it more of an uphill climb.
I'm sorry if it sounded like I was giving you crap. Poor choice of words on my part. You're 40, it's harder now. Mix it up. 6 reps max weight, then switch to lighter weight more reps the next week. I do around 100 reps when I'm going for reps. Also, don't forget to take an occasional week off. It sounds like you're just stuck.
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