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Originally Posted by 2fst4you View Post
I would like 300whp as cheap as possible but im willing to spend whatever to meet my goal and to reach that power reliably. Sounds like a vf34 is the way to go but expensive correct?

Vf39s are cheap and I'm not opposed to them as long as they don't have a waste gate crack. Would be nice because I can run the stage 3 AP map.

Can I get 300 out of a vf39? Is there any benefits to spending a little more money on a vf43 or vf48 for both the turbo itself and tune?
Vf34 under 400 is worth it... Maybe. When you can get a vf39 for $300 it's not really ever worth it.
Waste gate crack is a nonissue.
300whp with a vf39 is as easy as 300 with any vf.

I bought a vf30 because it has slightly better top end. But I'm not kidding myself thinking its anything I'd ever really measure.
Also it supposedly spools later. But I hit full boost at 3000 rpms and I haven't even tried to lower it under 3000 yet. I'm thinking if I had an aftermarket ebcs I could get it to 2800. What do these "faster spooling" ones hit target at? 2799 rpm? Its all negligible.

Buy the cheapest, best condition one that bolts up.
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