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Originally Posted by Full-Race Geoff View Post
stidad - yes I remember your posts! Since then we've had many more requests, a girl named cristine was #1, philthy was #2, phil gerlings was #3 and you were #4

jnorth - We are a small company and cant make all setups for all people. Instead we decide as a team what direction to take things and what products and mfg processes best suit our company. We listened to input from customers, dealers and the forums then sat down and focused on 3 areas of improvement for our subaru products:

1) design a simple bolt-on "stock location" EFR turbo kit: the idea was a true bolt-on kit for the average guy to install in a driveway. It could pass a visual inspection and/or use many of the owner's existing mods whether its Intercooler, intake, lower manifold, etc. The powerband and performance from this is impressive and it will blow some people's minds what is possible on a simple configuration. Anybody who wants to stay stock location or stock appearing, this new kit and 4->2->1 lower can give performance on par or better than many rotated kits, but presents a big cost savings, easier installation/fitment and can be installed in stages or removed easily if need be.

2) increase performance and lower cost on our twinscroll kits: there were 2 major developments here:

a) Twinscroll internal-WG EFR kits - there is big reduction in the up pipe cost by eliminating the WG ports (the most labor intensive part of turbo manifold fabrication) and also eliminating the flanges/clamps/hardware/dumptubes/WGs/hoses/fittings/welds (of course some people still want external WG so we can suit them too)

b) material cost reductions in 2013 came because our purchasing manager aggressively negotiated new pricing with our material suppliers by committing to high volume blanket material orders, due in large part to our ford ecoboost turbo kit mass production which uses the same material as our subaru twinscroll kits. Now we have a much better bending facility local to us with a brand new CNC bending machine and brand new tooling custom made for Full-Race (previously all had to be shipped to a different facility out of state becuase nobody nearby could bend our thickwall material)

putting things in perspective, a rotated twinscroll EFR-IWG up pipe costs less than our old 1.5scroll up pipe due to the labor hours required for the 1.5's merge (they use the same lower manifold). The fact of the matter is if youre looking to extract the broadest powerband possible, rotated twinscroll EFR does that better than anything i've seen, and the decision was unanimous to move away from the expensive and labor intensive 1.5scroll up pipe to a more traditional 2 bolt
Thanks for the detailed explanation Geoff,
How do you keep the banks divided on your 2 bolt twin scroll up pipe?

When I think of a 2 bolt flange and the current manifolds offered with one they typically have a large 4-1 collector.

I am very interested in seeing your design approach here.

Thanks again for supporting the subaru community with your cutting edge design's.
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