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Originally Posted by Smile83 View Post
datalog (4th gear WOT)

This log shows two knock events (one in cylinder 2 and one in cylinder 4) during the run. Busted ringland tends to show more extreme corrections (even at lower load) and sometimes a drop in the DAM as well, which is not happening here. You need to determine if knock events you are seeing are the result of a mechanical issue and if not, if it is something that is the result of the tune. I'm not sure what you've done so far, but the first step would be to verify fueling during the WOT run via aftermarket wideband o2 sensor. If that checks out, then you should attempt to see if reducing timing advance in that area makes any difference. You can also test with some unleaded race gas mixed with a full tank of your normal gas to see if the knock stays the same or improves. These are methods that will help you determine if this is false knock or not. Some shops may also use det cans to do this. Not sure what you've tried so far.

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