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Originally Posted by Bankie View Post
The only problems the MS3's had with grenading were due to tuners that had no experience with the engine and a fuel pump that's nearly pushed to it's limits at stock power output.

The early tunes for the ST look promising and I wouldn't be surprised to see 300-400whp examples with bolt-ons running around soon. Ford Racing parts will be sweet but I'm guessing that the cost will make Cobb's prices look cheap.
Ah, maybe that's what it was. I know being DI posed some problems, but I didn't realize they had the pump so close to the edge already.

400whp? What's your definition of bolt-ons, everything but headwork/internals? I'm willing to bet 300whp (exhaust/tune. Maybe intake if it's worth it) is going to be the ceiling for the car reliably. Beyond that you're getting into diminishing returns price-for-power, much like our cars beyond a downpipe/protune.

Still, 300whp in a FWD car is too much. You're going to need some sticky tires and some nice pads/rotors for that "diff"

Originally Posted by heavyD View Post
I don't know about that. I know and have heard people with that engine in Mazdaspeed 6's and CX-7's that grenaded stock. It's never been a particularily reliable engine.
The weak links from the MS6 were the lack of fresh air to the top-mount (ie, no scoop), turbo seals blowing (not particularly harmful, but more annoying), and the MAFs being trickier then even our cars. (I almost bought on of those too before my STi).

Originally Posted by Rootus View Post
I can't speak for all of them, but I experienced audible knock on my MS3 with some regularity. Not at high RPM, so it may never have blown up, but not a sound you want to hear when you mash the go pedal. Must have been timing related, because it certainly wasn't running lean . When you can see the black smoke behind you, it may mean you're running a tad rich...

How similar is the new ST engine to the old mill the MS3 has?
You know, I've been wondering that too. The Ecoboost engine is a moniker of Ford, but I'd imagine much of that technology originated from Mazda and the MS6/MS3 motors. I can't say how closely in architecture they are, but I do know that are some significant differences on the externals of the engine. As for the ports/cylinder design I don't know.
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