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Originally Posted by Ninja007 View Post
Thanks, I can make a charts comparing all the 6 speeds if there is demand. I ended up doing this because i'm a visual learner, and for me a picture is worth 10,000 words
I agree that the graphs are much easier to interpret (for me)! I did something similar comparing the different OEM gearsets out there. I only compared 2 sets per graph because it got a little too busy with more than that. Here's what I came up with.

First 3 are comparing the OEM 08+ WRX 5 Speed to the different USDM 6 Speeds:

Next 3 are comparing the different USDM 6 Speed ratios to each other:

To me the spacing on the 5 Speed and the Spec B 6 Speed look the best (the most even). The 04-06 STI 6MT has too large of a gap between 4-5, and the 07+ STI 6MT has too small of a gap between 4-5. Either of those two can still work well depending on your application, but for overall use the Spec B spacing looks preferable (to me).

And I also compared the 08+ WRX 5 Speed and the Spec B 6 Speed to the Mazdaspeed3 6 Speed:

*I used the tire size of 235/45R17 (OEM 2011 WRX) and included a speed correction factor of 0.965. I have found this to be a little more accurate. I also used a redline of 7000RPM's. The top speed in each gear goes up significantly if you increase the rev limiter to 8k (or even higher).
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