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I talked with Ken @ Delta last night, and forwarded him the pics that Marnix had posted. In addition the concern about how the lifters actually function (which I think will be addressed with the pictures), the other issue is that Ken didn't think they could cut the center lobe. Basically, they don't have a cutter that would fit between the two high lift lobes. If they can't grind the center lobe to a smaller base circle, then they can't grind the high lift lobe down to a smaller base circle, either. He said he would take another look at things to see if they could figure something out.

In other news, I picked up a cheap EZ30D. Part of me wants to do the "easy" swap and put it in the car with the factory ECU, and part of me just wanted to pull it apart to compare it to the EZ30R I've already got.

I had been under the impression in the past that the two EZ30 variants used the same short block, that it was just the heads and cam stuff that had changed. At some point somebody pointed out that the short blocks do have different part numbers, but that doesn't necessarily mean there are functional differences. Well, even without pulling the heads yet, I've already determined the short blocks are different - the EZ30D has just a single knock sensor (on the passenger side of the block), while the EZ30R has a knock sensor on both block halves. You can see that the mounting boss for the knock sensor isn't there on the EZ30D, so the casting of the block half has been changed. [Wrong, see Marnix's and my posts below.]

Some other items of note thus far...
- The timing chain setup is essentially identical. The only difference (as far as I can see) is the cam sprockets. I knew the intake ones would be different, as the 30D doesn't have AVCS, of course. The exhaust sprockets are also different. The driver side intake and exhaust sprockets are actually the same, but with markings for both (for chain alignment). I first saw the exhaust marking on the intake sprocket, which made me go , but then I saw both sprockets had dual markings.
- The first gen engine has an interesting coolant cross-over breather cross-over that goes from the back of each head and crosses over underneath the intake manifold. The EZ30R doesn't have anything like that; the AVLS solenoids occupy that space on the back of the R heads. It seems strange to me that such a thing would be necessary, as there's already a coolant cross-over at the front of the engine. [Not so strange once I figured out it's not for coolant.]
- The 30D front timing cover has 60 () bolts holding it in place, as opposed to only 40 on the 30R.
- Rear timing covers are pretty similar - 45 bolts on the 30R, 46 on the 30D. In both cases, there are 7 different types of fasteners holding on the rear timing cover.
- The 30D has separate components for the oil pressure regulator and the oil pump cover, while the 30R has that all combined into 1 piece.
- The 30D oil pump has 9 teeth on the inner rotor, and is 11mm thick. The 30R oil pump has 7 teeth on the inner rotor, and is 13mm thick.

This 30D is filthy compared to the 30R I've got. Other than some typical carbon deposits in the combustion chambers, the 30R is spotless. This 30D, on the other hand, has serious oil staining and crud build-up. Here's the center of the timing chain assemblies for the two engines:

(You can also see the 1-piece oil pump cover + oil pressure regulator on the 30R vs. the 2 separate pieces on the 30D.)

And the inside of the front timing cover:

I plan to get the heads off tonight or at some point this weekend, at which point I'll have the 2 short blocks sitting in my garage to compare.
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