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.... At this point,
even I have lost track.


Originally Posted by scby rex View Post
Lets see here, a base c6 cost 45-50 k? c6 z06 60-80k. Same crap plastic thats in their truck. Mono leaf suspension=outdated no matter the "refinement" Most performance orientated cars use a coilover spring with double a arms. You can buy a kit to fix this on the vette.

4wdwrx "There is no car that beats the Corvette's performance"
I ****ing loled at this ****. For 80k I could have a 600+whp 09 gtr that would eat a vette or cramaro and **** it out in the shape of a panda.

The cramaro spelling is intentional. Have you rode in one or driven one. You cant see **** out of the back and the short side windows are not that great either. Same truck abs plastic. My ****ing mazda2 has a higher quality plastic. 35k for a "loaded" v6 cramaro?? **** that. The mustang v6 runs circles around that and doesnt feel like your ****ing a fat chick + its cheaper with better plastics (not by much though). They make look good in a brouchue but the feel of the interior makes me feel like I just got ****ed in the ass with the roll of cash I paid for the car with (barf)

The c7z has what looks like the same cramaro tail lights and theres a couple other chevys that have the same exact style also. So porsche price, just a hair less as a gtr but only has very similar performance and a interior design and feel like someone smeered dog **** all over it...but diehard chevy guys wont car because a prodriver was faster by fractions of a second in it than a couple import cars that have a refined interior at a slightly higher cost.

Its not like Im saying put seude on the dash. Im saying theres about a ****ing million and one different types of plastic out there and GM asks, "whats the cheapest **** ya got, Im trying to keep afloat because I make 1million too many trucks in 12 modles too many and take a butt rapping at the end of the year clearancing them off, so Im skimping out and putting the same bargin basement crap in everything from the cruz to the flagship vettte."

Really, in the c6 regular vette they have carbon "print" dash pieces...40k..they couldnt get a overlay? Im sure they have a upcharge for that **** too. Remember the 02 wrx factory option "carbon look" dash? That car cost 24k new and youd expect that same garbage in a 40k car?

Like I said before, pretty decent engine "even with push rods" with a plastic turd ontop.

Dont get me wrong, Id take a c6 z06 in sonic blue with their "ultimate z06" package. But the whole interior would go to coachworks.
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