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Originally Posted by 79letour View Post
St- you dont recall correctly, and you are just the newest one to make pissing on me your hobby.
I commented on one ****ing trip down the florida turnpike. you know that though. If I drove 110 mph every day, or even week, I wouldnt have much gas money. prick.

As to your question about paying to have tests done to the car, which is quite fitting into the conversation-
I plan on getting spark plugs replaced next oil change, and after that I'll look into getting a leakdown test done.
Seems like someone would have gotten one by now, but with the FUDGED, BOTCHED, ETC consumption tests that folks have talked about on here, I doubt anyone has. Even folks on the verge of "qualifying" for warranty work havent reported Subaru doing any actual troubleshooting or testing of any scientific sort. After a slew of headaches and the repeated promises to fix things that went unfulfilled I dont think I'd want any florida dealers touching the car.
Maybe I'll see if the local Ford dealer will work on Subarus. My last visit to a dealer was an hour and a half drive each way for a six +++ quart "consumption test" . If that dealer were to send me a rep with a loaner car and take my car and actually do these tests to determine whats going on with the engine I'd maybe consider it. But I'm not holding my breath on that one.
Wow, ok man, it was just a comment that you had made previously, so don't get your panties in a bunch.

You calling me a prick? Is that really necessary when I am just reciting your previous post? If you really wanna play this game I can play it all day long. My comment wasn't to be a jerk, but now that you fire away you can expect the same.

Happy New Year, you should make it a resolution to stop being a jerk. Not everyone is "out to get you".

That said, can't we all just get along?
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