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Originally Posted by 79letour View Post
Peace, brother.
But you did misconsrtue (sp?) my post about 110 on the turnpike.
How bout we dont cast any more stones? Stop criticizing me and more or less looking to blane me for what many others are also experiencing.
My post youre referring to went something like-"well i dont ever get out on the turnpike much, and i hate driving in orlando and on toll roads, but I happened to finally get out on the turnpike and cruise at around a buck ten for a good hour of driving".
Not sure exactly how it was stated but there was a clear allusion to not getting out on the florida turnpike very often. I have no real reason to be out that way too much and its a thirty minute drive just to get on it. virtually ALL my driving is in lake county florida. Mostly 50mph zones.
fwiw I do apologize for the name calling. I am admittedly a bit defensive as I have a new car with a worthless warranty, no useable dealer network to speak of locally. And despite there being a growing number of "unique individuals" experiencing this oil loss problem it does seem that some of the subaru faithful find offense at my dissatisfaction as a consumer. As much as I dont wish this for other consumers, at least I'm not alone.
This car has strezsed me the goddamned **** out for a year now. I think your Happy New Year response was appropriate. I need to quit sressing over this headache of a car, but honestly its hatd to do. Had SOA ever followed through with ANY of their promises, everything would have been fine.
But yeah man, how bout this year, we discuss the cars, the company, and the problems/solutions, as well as inform other oil burning owners of where the situation has gotten?
Peace bro, and have a great year.
Got it - no worries. I agree to not disagree. I really was not trying to be malicious with the post about the parkway driving, I thought you drive that often. My bad.

I think when it warms up, you need to go to a dealership to redo the consumption test the correct way (obviously the first time wasn't your fault). Then drive the car hard for 1,000 miles, I truly believe that it will net the 1 qt loss that is the criteria for short block replacement. Then hopefully you'll enjoy the car more without having to worry about the engine.
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