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Originally Posted by digitizedsoul View Post
i'm a bodybuilder, it's what we do

real talk i'm far to lazy to type it all out.
Basics are, a meal isn't a meal unless it's 50+% protein, I eat 8-9 "meals" by that definition daily, and carb cycle pretty intensely in the last 6wks of the 16.

Metabolism is like a fireplace fire, you have to feed it little bits constantly, not huge logs all at once. You want it burning at a steady, constant pace hence my meal frequency. Folks often think eating less means leaning out, NOT true it triggers the starvation response in the body and everything gets screwed up.
Lol, you body builders are so crazy and I look up to you guys so much for being able to stick with a certain routine for so long.

I am by no means a body builder but I have tried carb cycling and eating a **** load of meals but I did not have the discipline to do it each and every day for months.

I discovered IF and did a 16/8 hour split and dude im not ****ting you, the fat was just melting off while having insane gain and stregnth at the gym (squats went from 225 to around 300 in a couple months among other things). BTW, I am a "if it fits your macros" type of guy and will eat mcdonalds if my macros allows it on a cut.It worked for a while.. until I started going waaayy over my macros.
Check out the Hodge Twins and be prepared for some bro science with a bit of real science inside:

You can actually watch their first vid and most recent vid and see how ****ing jacked they got while on IF.
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