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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
I am convinced that GetTheLedOut is in a postion in life where he must have an SUV and he is trying to justify he is not settling by not getting a hot hatch...

You are settling. Yes the Forester is an IDEAL family car. I may get one next. But have no illusions that it will ever be the drivers car my Golf R is.

Oh and making a big deal out of not getting overboost for more than 20 seconds is just stupid. How often are you on WOT/full boost for more than 20 seconds. Lets not forget, you do not lose all torque, you only drop back to the factor set 250ish ft lbs. So you are hardly without power.

Man, you guys truly like to believe you are race car drivers huh? How many times do I have to tell you, you are just an average joe with average joe driving skills who is about to buy an average car. The big picture is you are not buying a race car and that 20 second overboost limit will NEVER crop up in daily driving.
Actually I'm contemplating 2 or 3 scenarios: 1) ST as a daily driver and keep the WRX as a fair weather car, 2) Slightly used 370Z as a fair weather car and turn the Rex into a DD, and 3) Sell the DD, make the Rex my all purpose car and buy Bonanza (airplane)

But I don;t get the infatuation with with ST. It's a quick car, and nothing more. An SI is nearly as fast in a straight line and is cheaper and has a helical LSD. A MS3 is faster in a straight and in the twisties. The ST is simply (to me) a cool DD.
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