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Just like the OP said there is two sides to every story. I work with the public and have to field blog complaints in my line of work. Over a million pcs sold and 1 or 2 negative blog comments have me sitting in the owners office defending our process and products. That said I have learned talking directly to the tuner/shop gets the best response, not everyone will be happy with my answers and yes I DEFEND my product. Also the state of mind the person is in when reading an email/blog comment can be taken out of context, just because how the "reader" reads into it.

Another thing we all must remember, time is money and in my business as well as Akuma, we must pay our employees and rent. I always try to be fair and discount things and treat repeat customers with the utmost respect as they are helping my business to be successful. Guys this is a business just like any other, does the doctor discount you for a preexisting condition, no.

I have learned from this way back when I myself "bashed" a tuner on one of my cars not even giving them a real chance to rectify (because I felt they were dragging there asses), this was when I was younger and did not have the responsibilities I have now.

Hell I came to John with a brand new 2011 WRX and he has taken care of me all along the way, yes we had some speed-bumps, but the way it was handled was great. Me "my wife is gonna kill me, I promised I wouldn't blow this one up", John "do not worry we will work this out and take care of it", "do you need me to speak to your wife?" The younger guys may not understand this dynamic that are not married.

They made me feel like they have my back and I knew Akuma was not going to be responsible for total costs, but they gave me every damn discount under the sun, what they paid for parts, I paid.

So let me get off my soapbox and I hope this all gets resolved! Good luck guys!
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