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The problem becomes when facts are ignored and opinions start to dominate a topic. This particular issue should never have gone this far. It is a fairly simple concern that would have required a little more communication, and things would most likely have been sorted out.

Dispute resolution should follow something like this type of timeline:

-Customer goes to shop for work to be performed
-Shop gives the customer a written estimate based on his/her needs
-Work is performed
-Estimate is transcribed to a billable invoice and funds collected
-XXX Customer perceives an issue has occurred XXX
-Customer brings his or her concerns to the shop
-Shop should do what is necessary to solve the problem within reason
-problem rectified....
-If the shop does not attempt to solve the problem professionally then other
means of resolution should be pursued ie. Forum bashing/CC charge

If a customer goes straight to a forum, then the shop can not do the right thing to fix it. If a shop tells the customer to go F-off, then they deserve a thrashing.

There are too many people working behind the scenes when this stuff happens. Other shops with multiple usernames, friends of friends, 3rd hand experiences. There is no accountability for the person who is slandering the shop. There are a few people in this thread that have said things about shops that have never had any actual work done at the shop in question. I would think a first hand experience should be a minimum requirement to talk ***** about a person or a shop.

Maybe what this board needs is a Forum where Dispute Resolution should be put. Any thread with a dispute should have to go to that forum specifically and not be spread out all over randomly bogging down unrelated threads.

Just a thought.
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