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Originally Posted by BlazeRex View Post
Lol and you know everything I understand what you are saying, and it applies 100% if you are using a road dyno software. If you're measuring RPM accel vs. time NOT roll speed accel vs. time, slipping the clutch would net big numbers. Usually, like Airboy says, without a rpm pickup, you use a function called "calculate from roll speed" to estimate RPMs. If you're simply measuring torque output without a direct RPM signal to the dyno, slipping the clutch would just drop power, and kill your clutch. I'm not really sure where you're going with this.

I can tell you though, the auto has much more torque in the stall speed range than a manual does, whether you want to beleive it or not.

More or less this is what I was trying to get at. You're just much better at articulating it. I would like to see torque output plotted vs. time, taking RPM out of the equation, and see if it would change the shape of the graph.
Torque multiplication from a stall does NOT increase torque output. There are many things that will ARTIFICIALLY increase output. A stall is one.

This community is so ignorant.

I can tell you've never owned a stalled automatic. Guess who has?
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