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Originally Posted by ByeBye4g63t View Post
MBT = Minimum Best Timing. It's the point at which timing has reached 99% of your peak torque. For example, if you had a car running 17-18 Degrees of timing, and you increased it beyond this threshold and it did not make anymore torque = MBT.

Also, why only low-mid 20's for boost if all you're after is a number? I'm sure with more boost, and leaner AFR's, you could get to the power that you want to achieve, albeit it wouldn't be a tune that you'd want to run every day.
That's what my tuner told me as well. We stopped tunning because of an issue with the methanol system. Once a get some new toys installed we will be tuning again. My tuner said he think if we can lean out closer to a 11.8 - 12 and run 25 psi with the different method kit we should be easily at 400awhp. I can't remember what max timing we settled at but he got to where more timing didn't make my re power but there was also no knock so he backed off one step and stopped there. We started to lean out to make the rest of the power but started having the issues.

I do have a question about the ecu though and I was wondering if anyone here had the answer. If we tune for 25 psi and I turn the boost down to 22 or 14 on waste gate the ecu can still run it properly right? Is the EJ207 ecu capable of running in that manner? My friends AEM standalone could do that and I've been told the EJ207 ecu has practically all the features of a standalone. It'd make it a lot nicer if I could get it setup like that.
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