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Originally Posted by JetFalcon View Post
So is it possible for any kind of Subaru out there to outperform a BMW M3? Mainly in terms of acceleration and handling turns. I'm not planning to street race because I'm for sure am gonna get a ticket and rather be spending money on stuff I want.

But my dad recently bought a Lime Rock Edition BMW M3 which is really cool. But I still liked Subaru because it has a youthful look and fits someone better like me in their 20s, plus it's cheaper. I was told it was the poor man's race car, but that's fine because I have value in cars that perform well for the money. I see many high school/college kids drive Subaru and modify them with cool exhausts and probably at big fraction of cost of the BMW M3 my dad bought.

Is it possible for someone who heavily modified their Subaru outperform a stock M3? Assuming the money they put in is still significantly less than buying a stock M3. Or buying the best/most expensive car subaru has to offer? Because when I save enough money I'd like to buy a Subaru and modify it, but the only downside is I know nothing about cars and don't want to put money into something I don't know about so how those guys who modify their cars know what they buy and learn how to do it?

Only downside with the new M3 now is that I can't rev the engine above 4500 RPM for the next 12,000 miles so the engine can break in or I may damage it. Not very knowledgeable about cars, but I know I was told something similar when I bought a new motorized 50cc beach cruiser to not full throttle for one tank of gas because the engine needed to break in. Just a random question I'd like to have answered.
We've got one here that seems to do pretty well against M3s.
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