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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by prochucker View Post
Another day, sitting on my ass, instead of going in to work to make real money. Another day of F**k with Chuck down for management.

Hang in there Uncle...they'll get tired of paying you eventually.

well....looks like ANOTHER day of ass time.....they finisned drilling sunday morinig and arent out of the hole YET.....cluster**** after larry, moe and curley chased away the keystone cops who were after laurel and hardy

looks like ill get another full week of pay outta this one

but the hard part is not knowing when im gonna get relieved...or IF....

its 25 miles to town and if you buy a bunch of food....and the next day the pull ya off the job ya gotta take it with ya and if ya dont buy much, ya end up going back and forth to town every day or 3 and that gets to be a pita

and the not knowing when you are gonna leave a job is a lot more of a mental issue than people think it is....if you have never worked like this, it really sucks.....bad....the....not...knowing....when..... .you....can.....leave.....drives...ya....nuts.

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