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Originally Posted by btrenhol View Post
Just about finished building my SIG and looking to move on to a longer range rifle. I have a HK91 that I was thinking of building into a .308 600-700m platform but now I am having second thoughts as i price out replacement parts to make it shoot well (MOA) at that range.

What do you guys think? Build the HK or look at something else?

*looking for a semi-auto "precision" guy for mid distance. NOT 5.56 as I need knocking down power at that range. Budget is ~1K to 1.5K without glass.
It's been a while since I had my HK91 but I recall 15 years ago you had no choice but to look for PSG-1 and MSG-90 take-offs which were $$$. Now with the PTR-91 clones patterned on the actual H&K schematics there are probably a few more options. On its own it should be pretty damn accurate, though a new barrel may be in order if it has a lot of rounds through it. What does it shoot like now at 100 yards?

A new barrel could set you back about $1k for one of the nice 26" P5 barrels. That could do lots for your accuracy as the action should otherwise be pretty solid. Mine had thousands of rounds through it when I bought it and I didn't have to smith the action at all. It's personal preference on the stock and grip but the PSG-1 stuff is probably another $1k for the trigger group with the nice wooden grip (which I would absolutely love on my Savage 110 BA) and the adjustable trigger stop. I think you can get the grip alone for less than $500 though. Magpul makes a PRS that works on the HK that's not too pricey and would give you some length and cheek adjustments.

Or you can sell it to me and start over. BTW I do have a spare cocking tube for an HK91 that I found when cleaning out the gun safe up north. It's just sitting around so if you need one let me know.
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